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Syllabus of Training Topics

Classes have games, hands on, experiments, ice breakers, handout and snacks.

Training hours can be customized for each class.

From Lullabies to Literature

All Ages / 2 hours / Child Care Staff

Early literacy is what young children know about reading and  writing before they can actually read, and write. Children need to see, feel, touch, and explore the world in order to understand the meaning of words. We, as adults, are entrusted to provide the best learning environment by reading, singing, rhyming and more.

Join me in this fun class and discover how we can help children at an early age develop their language skills through finger-play, lap songs, reading, storytelling, rhymes, and more to enable the wonderful transitional development from Lullabies into Literature.

10 Top Tips of Circle Time

All Ages

“Circle time is a time when our students come together as a community of learners. As a community, we share our thoughts, listen to one another, actively participate together, introduce new concepts and ideas, read together, sing together, and build a sense of respect and support for one another…”

Join me in this class and let’s share Deborah J. Steward’s “Top Ten Secrets Tips of Circle Time” and how to include our curriculum through this optimal learning time.

Nature is The Best Teacher

1.5 Hours / Child Care Staff / Intermediate Level

Learning and exploring in the great outdoors provide a wonderful opportunity for young children to make insightful observations; it connects the children to the natural world stimulates their imagination and creativity, and allows them to exercise all their senses.

Furthermore, a nature-education curriculum, whether it is about animals, plants or landscape, builds on children’s curiosity about the world around them. Also, it helps them develop skills in problem solving and critical thinking using hands-on real and natural materials. These Skills are the foundation for learning math, science and reading.

Join me in this class and see how we can use our outside time as learning time. Outside time teaches children to think and talk like scientists, as well as to develop physical and social skills.

Your Optimal Enrollment in Challenging Times

1.5 Hours / Administrators / Advance Level

Child Care is like any other business than can be affected by the global economy situations and recession. During challenging times, you must demonstrate your strength using every opportunity and resource to maintain quality and keep your center up and running.

Join me in this class, whether you are a director or staff to learn how to use team work, quality control, customer service and beyond to keep enrollment at optimal level.

Scream Your Theme

1.5 Hours / Child Care Staff / Intermediate Level

Come to this interesting session and learn new ideas to reinforce your educational program by making every day learning fun. Discover tools and techniques that will incorporate lesson plans, wall decorations, real objects, music and more that support an exciting and early childhood program. 

Don’t miss the chance to find out how to Scream Your Theme.


Wanted: The Star Teacher

1.5 Hours / Child Care Staff / Intermediate Level

Being an early childhood teacher, you are a caring and outgoing person who puts her/his personal energy into nurturing of the children. Additionally, you are an imaginative scientist, curriculum-planner, interior-decorator and so much more.

Your job goes above and beyond the job description; you are the star who needs to keep shining all the time, which, at the end of the day, can be exhausting and overwhelming. In this session, we will learn skills to keep ourselves motivated and to achieve a balance between a busy schedule and self-care and preservation, as we celebrate the star that you are.

The Magic of Transitions

1.5 Hours / Child Care Staff / Basic Level

Transitions are all those “in-between” times when you need to change activities and can often cause stress and disruption. With imagination and planning, you can turn transitions into teachable moments.

Join me in this class to learn how to make transitions super fun!

More than a Buggy Ride

2 Hours / Child Care Staff / Intermediate Level

Join me in a fun class where nursery rhymes, music and lullabies turn teachers into “Rock Stars” for budding minds. Help little ones build language skills through your scheduled daily activities.

Turn the mundane and necessary chores into opportunities for learning and growth.

Disaster and Emergency Preparedness in Child Care

1.5 Hours / Staff and Administration Level

Active planning is the most effective strategy for creating a safe environment and preventing injuries to your children. Health and Human Services (DFPS) requires all centers to have plans in place so staff members are prepared in case of an emergency or other disaster.

This class will reinforce all safety-plan practices, emergency-preparedness plans, allergy plans, lock down practices, and more.

Effective Supervision

1.5 Hours / Child Care Staff / Basic level

Our major responsibility in early childhood is to keep the children SAFE… Good supervision is the key for safety. Supervision is more than looking and observing, it is a special skill and technique that you learn to follow, to prevent injuries and keep the children in your care safe and healthy.

Join me in this class to learn in a fun and exciting way. How to develop your “Super-Vision” to become a more aware and focused Super-Visor.

It is More than Playtime, it is the Power of Interaction

1.5 Hours / Child Care Staff / Basic level

Whether you are in a Child Care center, Home or any early childhood setting, children and teachers interact all day long. Using intentional interactions with children helps you connect with them, extend their learning and support their thinking and language.

Join me in this class to understand what Intentional Powerful Interactions are, how to make them happened and why they are so important in increasing children’s learning and your effectiveness as a teacher. Reference “Power Interactions begins with you”

Lead Like a Rock Star

1.5 hours / Administrators / Advance Level

As a Child Care Director, we often feel like we wear many different “hats” throughout the day – wether it is the role of teacher, parent, nurse, nutritionist, transportation provider, comforter, etc.

Fulfilling so many responsibilities can be overwhelming and exhausting at times, but as a director, it is important to remember to take care of you. Doing so will alleviate the stress and make you more effective in your position. In this session, we will discuss ways to achieve a balance between a busy schedule and self-preservation.

Come find out how to make it all work together as we give a “Lead Like Rock Stars”. 

The Intentional Teacher

1.5 Hours / Child Care Staff / Basic Level

The Intentional Teacher acts purposefully with a goal in mind using every moment as a Learning Experience. She is always ready for what is not planned, recognizing and seeking learning opportunities as well as bringing exceptional education to every child.

Join me in this class The Intentional Teacher by Ann S. Epstein to enforce your mission as an intentional teacher who is purposefully providing the knowledge and skills that children need to succeed in school and in life,

Effective Classroom Management

1.5 hours / Administrators / Advance Level

Effective classroom management requires awareness, patience, good timing, and boundaries. There’s nothing easy about leading a large group of easily distractible young people with different skills, backgrounds, and temperaments along a meaningful learning journey.

In this session, we discuss Eight Important Classroom Management Strategies that you can implement in your classroom by creating an environment that is predictable, structured, age appropriate, responsive, and caring where students can thrive and be set up for success all year long.

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